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Featurette: Singapore We love the Lion City

Singapore's striking Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Photo by Beth Green

City-states have always fascinated me, but none more than Singapore. Home to some 5.3 million people, this island-nation boasts sunny tropical weather; fantastic sightseeing and tourism opportunities; a neat, clean infrastructure; and an intriguing mix of cultures. A visit to Singapore can be anything you want it to be—from a relaxing retreat at a nearby spa; a child-friendly jaunt to local zoos, museums and amusement parks; or a guava-juice-fuelled shopping extravaganza. Backpackers and shoestring travelers can find as much to do here as luxury-hotel enthusiasts, and while it’s true that some careful budgeting may need to be done to make Singapore fit into a longer-term travel plan, visiting this small but vibrant city is well worth it.

For the family trippers: I haven’t traveled to Singapore with kids, but I think it would be a fantastic place to take a family vaycay. Singaporean developers have outdone themselves with attractions that strike the fancy of travelers of all ages. Take the family to Sentosa Island to experience the Universal Studios theme park, butterfly garden, Merlion statue, and the breathtaking SEA Aquarium.
Visitors watch a diver working at Singapore's SEA Aquarium. Photo by Beth Green.

For the nature-lover: Space for humans on this small island nation is at a premium but Singapore still makes room for trees, gardens and other natural spaces. Despite only having just over 700 square kilometers of land to work with (about 275 square miles), Singapore boasts about a dozen nature parks and natural reserves for travelers to explore. The Gardens by the Bay, a “super park,” is one of the most unique botanical gardens you’ll ever visit.

For the luxury-seeker: Are you seeking five-star accommodation? Unique dining experiences? High-stakes gambling? Designer brands? Forget Paris, visit Singapore. The “Lion City” offers all of these possibilities, and more.

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Beth Green

Beth Green is an American freelance writer who has lived in Europe and Asia since 2003. She grew up on a sailboat and, though now a landlubber, still enjoys a peripatetic life. She writes blogs, articles and suspense about travel, expatriate living, and many other topics. A social media addict, she’d love to hear from you about your favorite travel experiences.
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