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Amazing Beaches in the Greek Islands

Every country has outstanding attributes. In Chile, you can’t go wrong wth the wine. InRead More →

Travel Inspiration: Planning a Trip to the Maldives

Long white beaches, deep blue waters, bungalows built just above the quiet water of aRead More →

Spring Travel Around the World

I’ve lived much of my life in places where the seasons didn’t matter quite so much.

Getting to Know Antigua

Sand, sun, rum and fun. That’s Antigua! Offering excitement as well as relaxation,Read More →

How to Be A Kick-Ass Host

A while back I did a post on what traits a good guest has when visiting someone inRead More →

Featurette: Las Vegas

Some call it “Sin City.” Some liken it to Disneyland for adults. Others, think it’s aRead More →

What are the Seven Wonders of the World?

I often find myself thinking of travel for pleasure as a modern-day phenomenon. But,Read More →

Exploring Dubrovnik

The jewel of Croatia is Dubrovnik. Once its own capital, of the Republic of Ragusa, andRead More →

For the Armchair Traveler: Fun Geography Quizzes

I hope, if you’re reading Everyday Travel Stories and enjoying it, that you havRead More →

Travel Inspiration: Discover St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a Caribbean playground that’s hard to beat. St. Lucia offers stunningRead More →