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Cruising on the Continent–Europe’s Best River Cruise Routes

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What to Know Before Flying Between Continents

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Climbing the Eiffel Tower

Photo Tour: Climbing the Eiffel Tower

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European Road Trip

On the Autobahn: Planning a European Road Trip

Planes are fast and trains are fun, but there are times when the very best way to go onRead More →

Getting Online, On the Road

A few months ago, I went to Dublin. Thanks to free WiFi at the hotel, my travelingRead More →

Dread Taking Photos on Vacation? Read Our Tips

Editor’s note: this post is written by D.C. Pelka, Beth’s longtime travel partner. He isRead More →

Make Your Next Vacation about the Journey

There’s no one solution for how you should spend your next vacation. Are you looking toRead More →

Where to Hide from Summer Swelter in Madrid

The idea of visiting Madrid in summer is interesting—if you love the heat! The travRead More →

Is Backpacking for You?

Backpacking isn’t always a great idea. Despite its popularity, especially with youngRead More →

Budget Travel Tips, Europe: InterRail

Since the Industrial Revolution the epitome of a great journey in Europe is a train trip.